Pre-Congress Tour

One of the most pleasurable ways to explore Egypt is to sail River Nile, either on Cruise Ship or Traditional Boat Dahabiya,  to stop at various ancient sights along River Nile. Both River Nile Cruise tours will take  you to experience Abu Simbel Sun Festival on 22 Oct 2017.

Nile Cruise Ship: 4 Nights/5 days


19 Oct. 2017-23 Oct. 2017

Starting in Luxor, visit Valley of the Kings, valley of the Queens, the Hatshepsut temple, the colossi of Memnon, Karnak temple and Luxor temple. Sail to Esna and passes the Lock. Visit Horus Temple in Edfu.  Sail to Kom Ombo and visits its temple.  Sail to Aswan and visits the high dam, unfinished Obelisk and the temple of Philae.  From Aswan, take the bus for 4 hours to Abu Simbel to join Sun Festival and visit the temple.  Return to the ship. Fly back to Cairo in the morning of 23 Oct 2017.

US $ 890 per person in single room;
US $ 750 per person in double room;
US $ 690 per person in triple room

Minimum 2 Persons.

Sail River Nile on Traditional Boat Dahabiya: 8 Nights/9 days

Luxor-Esna-Edfu-Wadi Shatt-Gebrel el Silsila –Kom Ombo-Daraw-Aswan-Abu Simbel 

14 Oct. 2017 - 22 Oct. 2017

Stay two nights in Luxor, visit Valley of the Kings on the West Bank of the Nile, visit tombs of the pharaohs, the temple of Hatshepsut, the Memnon Colossi, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple and also attend the spectacular Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple. Also visit Luxor Museum and Mummification Museum.

Visit the Temple of Chnum in Esna and Horus Temple in Edfu. Sail to Wadi Shatt, (optional desert walk and join the boat again in Gebel el Silsila). Visit the ancient quarry of Gebel el Silsila and small chapels hewn out of the sandstone dating back to pharaonic times.

Visit Camel market of Daraw.

In Aswan, visit the temple of the goddess Isis on the island of Philae, the temple of Kalabsha, a quarry with the unfinished obelisque and the High Dam. Take the bus to Abu Simbel to attend
the Sun Festival on 22 Oct. 2017.  Transfer back to Aswan Airport to fly back to Cairo.

US $ 1,800 per person in single room;
US $ 1,310 per person in double room;

Limited to 10 person per trip

The Abu Simbel Sun Festival

Every year on February 22nd and then again on October 22nd, the sun creeps into the inner sanctum of the carefully aligned Temple of Ramesses II, lighting up the statues of the sun gods  Re-Horakhte and Amon-Re, as well as a statue of the pharaoh himself. Only one seated figure remains in the shadows at all times, Ptah, the God of Darkness.

The magical Solar Festival happens twice a year, once to celebrate Ramesses II birthday and then again to celebrate his coronation. 

The Abu Simbel temples have been moved from their original location after they were put under the threat of submersion by the water's of the Aswan Dam. The holy mountain that was their home now lies under water. The relocation by UNESCO and the Egyptian Government in the 1960's was almost as monumental as the temples themselves. Ramesses' temple and a smaller temple built for his favorite wife Nefertari were both moved to the new site. The move to higher ground caused the solar festival to take place one day after the actual anniversary of the king's birthday and coronation. Now instead of celebrating the Sun Festival on the 21st of February and October we celebrate on the 22nd.

At sunrise crowds gather in the temple to watch this magical spectacle then head outside where festivities and dancing are taking place. For thousands of years these two days have been celebrated with merriment and wonder which is exactly what Ramesses would have hoped for!