Welcome Message

Welcome Message

From Dr. Yasmin Darwich Darwich, International Presidents

It is with great pleasure to invite BPW members world-wide attend the XXIX BPW International Congress to be held in Cairo, Egypt from the 23rd to the 27th of October 2017 hosted by BPW Egypt. This will be the second time in BPW International’s 87 years history that an International Congress is held in Africa region. The first occasion was in 1991 in Nairobi, Kenya, so the BPW Members in Africa are waiting with open arms and hearts to welcome you all to their region.

There are thousands of reasons I could use to encourage you to come to Egypt, but what I will say to begin is that the Congress will be held at a former palace with amazing view of the Pyramids in the same place where the peace treaty for World War II was signed.

Egypt was named one of Top 20 tourist attractions in the world in 2017 by Bloomberg so I can tell you that, aside from attending Congress, you can also explore more than 7,000 years of Egyptian history. You can visit Giza Pyramids in Cairo and practice your negotiation skills by shopping at the Khan El Khalili Bazar market. You can visit Luxor, formerly known as “Thebes”, where one third of world’s monuments are located. You can sail the Nile River and enjoy the river cruise visiting many more ancient places in cities between Luxor and Aswan. And if you have time to come before Congress, on 22 October 2017, there is a special Abu Simbel Sun Festival where the sun shines on the face of Ramses the Second - only twice per year, on his birthday and the day he was inaugurated on his throne. If you love the sea, you can visit Alexandria, the capital of Egypt during Cleopatra’s time or enjoy the beach at the Red Sea in Sharm El Sheikh and go snorkeling or diving at one of the best diving locations in the world in Ras Mohamed.

This Congress comes at the perfect time since 2017 has been named the Year of Women by the President of Egypt El Sisi. I’m also delighted to tell you that the Congress is being supported by the National Council for Women with women leaders world-wide coming to share with you their experiences in our plenary sessions and workshops at Congress. In 2016, several Heads of States world-wide had brought hundreds of their business men and women to Egypt to explore investment opportunities that arose after the Suez Canal was expanded in 2015.

But for me, the most compelling reason to come to Congress is to open new doors in your life. It seems like yesterday when I attended BPW International Congress in Auckland in 1985 as a young BPW member. I met women leaders who later became my role models. The experience completely changed my life as a person, as a professional and as a BPW member. By getting involved and taking on responsibilities, I acquired leadership skills while making new friends and extended my family globally.

During the General Assembly we will debate on rules, regulations and resolutions and we will have opportunities to enjoy workshops with distinguished speakers, reuniting with old friends, making new friends and getting inspired to gain new directions in life.

I invite you to visit the Cairo Congress website at www.CairoCongress.bpw-international.org and www.facebook.com/BPW.International.Cairo.Congress.2017 to gain a glimpse of this Congress and what is waiting for us in Egypt.

The Cairo Congress web, along with its online registration, will be launched on 8 March 2017.

The BPW International Congress in Cairo, with its theme, Making a Difference through Leadership and Action, can bring a new inspiration for your life as the BPW International Congress in Auckland brought to me. Our aim is that this Congress will have a record breaking number of participating countries. So, do come forward to make history.

It will be my pleasure to greet you in Cairo, Egypt!

Dr. Yasmin Darwich Darwich,

President BPW International 2014 - 2017