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The International Federation of Business and Professional Women International or “BPW International”, will held its 29th BPW International Congress at Mena House Hotel in Cairo, Egypt on 23-27 October 2017.

The Congress theme is “Making a Difference through Leadership and Action

This Congress will gather business and professional women from 110 member countries of BPW to attend this Congress. Leaders from various sectors world-wide world are invite to be speakers at this Congress.

BPW International continue to pursue the dream of our Founder, Dr. Lena Madesin Phillips, which state in her speech in 1931 that

“Cooperation among all people cannot remain a dream, but something that must become actuality if our civilization is to survive.  We cannot afford to wait long in this changing and changed world.  It is now – not in the next century or even in the next generation, but now – that we and the men and women of all nations, must recognize that no man live unto himself

no country can live unto itself.”

This Congress will be a historical event in itself.  BPW International 87 years history, this is the 2nd time that our world Congress will be held in Africa.  The first time was 26 years ago in Niarobi, Kenya 1991. This is also the first time that it will be held in an Arab States Country. 

Moreover, 2017 is also Egypt Year of Women.  Perfect timing.

Come join us! Let’s make a difference through history making global cooperation!


The XXIX BPW International Congress Logo

Cairo Congress logo is Goddess Eaziz, spreading her wings to support BPW International.

Goddess Eaziz is the Goddess of wisdom, magic, renewal, healing, power and love. She is a protective goddess who use her power to help people in need. For BPW International Congress, she is the role model of a strong woman who make a difference wherever she goes.
Design by:
Dr. Amany Asfour and Dr. Chonchanok Viravan

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Visit http://www.bpw-international.org