Congress Program

TENTATIVE Cairo Congress Program

Last update: 29 August 2017

Sunday 22 October 2017
8:00–16:00 hrs Registration Opens for Congress participants.
Executive Meeting (closed meeting)

Governor of Giza’s Reception for International Board and invited guests (by invitation only)

Monday 23 October 2017
8:00–16:00 hrs Registration
8:30–10:00 hrs Africa Regional Conference
Chair by Africa Regional Coordinator Adenike Osadolor
Asia-Pacific Regional Conference
Chair by Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator Susan Jones
European Regional Conference
Chair by European Regional Coordinator Karin Raguin
Latin-America Regional Conference
Chair by Latin-America Regional Coordinator Martha Solimano
North-America and the Caribbean Regional Conference
Chair by North America and Caribbean Regional Coordinator Bessie Hironimus
10:00-10:30 hrs Coffee Break
10:30-noon Resolutions Workshop
Constitutions and Regulations Amendments Workshop
My First Congress Orientation
Skill Training: “Advocacy at the United Nations”
Trainer: Susan O’Malley
Chair of NGO-CSW Committee, United Nations, New York
Noon-13:00 hrs Lunch
13:00-15:00 hrs Pre-Congress International Board Meeting

Skill Training: “Fearless Leadership Skills for Women”
Trainer: Francesca Burack

16:00-16:30 hrs Buses Depart to Sound and Light venue at the foot of Pyramid
17:00-21:00 hrs Opening Ceremony and President’s Dinner at the foot of Pyramid in front of the Sphinx.
Tuesday 24 October 2017
8:00-16:00 hrs


9:00-10:30 hrs

High Level Plenary I:
“Leaders of the World Empowering Women to Realize Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”

10:30-11:00 hrs

Coffee Break

11:00-11:30 hrs

Keynote Speakers: "Women Leadership in Ancient Egypt"

By Zahi Hawas,
Former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs, Egyptian archaeologist and famous author on several books about Ancient Egypt.

11:30-12:30 hrs

High Level Plenary II: “Economic Empowerment of Women”
by UN Women

12:30-14:00 hrs Lunch
Young BPW’s Lunch Talk
13:30-14:00 hrs Delegates sign in for General Assembly
14:00-16:00 hrs General Assembly Session I
14:00-15:15 hrs Workshop: “CEO Experience in Breaking the Glass Ceiling and Closing Gender Pay Gap”
Workshop: “How Technology will Reshape Job Market by year 2020”
Skill Training: SheTrade
by International Trade Center
15:15-16:30 hrs Workshop: “Women Financial Inclusion Strategies”
Workshop:  “Soft Power Make a World of Difference”
Workshop:  “Egyptian Cultural Performance Training” 
Evening Dine Around
Wednesday 25 October 2017
7:30-8:30 hrs Young BPW Breakfast with International President
9:00-10:00 hrs Plenary III:  “Advancing Women through STEM Education and Innovation” 
10:00-11:00 hrs Plenary IV: “BPW Making a Difference through Leadership and Action
11:00-11:30 hrs Coffee Break
11:00-12:30 hrs Plenary V: “The Role of Stakeholders for Trade, Financial Inclusion, Government and Corporate procurement policy for Women Enterprises”

12:30-14:00 hrs


Young BPW’s Lunch Talk: “The Art of Persuasion”
By Chonchanok Viravan

13:30-14:00 hrs

Delegates sign in for General Assembly

14:00-16:00 hrs

General Assembly Session II:

14:00-15:00 hrs

Workshop: “Action that Make a Difference”

Workshop: “Silver Economy: Fifties and Fabulous”
15:00-16:00 hrs Workshop: “Women Helping Women Projects around World”
Workshop: “Path and Pitfalls on the road to Women Financial Independent”
14:00-16:00 hrs Skill Training: “Work Smart to make a HUGE difference in Performance” by Microsoft
16:30-17:00 hrs Boarding the Bus to go from Mena House to the Citadel
18:00-22:00 hrs Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony at the Citadel
22:00 hrs Bus return to the Mena House Hotels
Thursday 26 October 2017
8:00-9:00 hrs Delegates Sign in
9:00-10:30 hrs Panel: Legacy of Lena Madesin Phillips
“Economic Empowerment of Women in Arab States”
Panel: “Women and Health”
By Luisa Monini, Chair of Health Committee
Panel: “Effective Advocacy Strategy for Women”
Workshop: “BPW Business Network”
By Elizabeth Benham
Workshop: “1930-2017-2030: Future of BPW”
By Antoinette Ruegg
10:30-11:00 hrs Coffee Break/Delegate Signing in

11:00-12:30 hrs

General Assembly Session III:

  • Including the election of International President
Workshop:  “Innovative Women E-Business”
Workshop:  “Preventing Violence Against Women”
Workshop:  “Sharing Experience in Promoting UN Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs)”

Skill Training:  “Social Media Marketing”
By Microsoft

12:30-14:00 hrs


Young BPW’s Lunch Talk
13:30-14:00 hrs Delegates Sign in
14:00-16:00 hrs General Assembly Session IV
14:00-15:00 hrs Workshop: “Women on Board Make a Difference”
Workshop:  “Green Growth Strategies”
15:00-16:00 hrs Workshop: “Beyond Equal Pay Day”
Workshop:  “Peace and Intercultural Understanding”
16:00-16:15 hrs Closing Entertainment
18:00 hrs Bus Depart Mena House Hotel for Friends and Fellows Dinner
19:00-22:00 hrs Livia Ricci Friends and Fellows Dinner at Manial Palace, Cairo
18:00 hrs Bus Depart Mena House Hotel for Young BPW Girls’ Night Out
19:00-22:00 hrs Young BPW Girls’ Night Out River Nile Cruise Dinner
Friday 27 October 2017
8:30-9:00 hrs Delegate sign in
9:00-10:30 hrs

General Assembly Session V:

  • Including Election of 2017-2020 Executives
10:30-11:00 hrs Coffee Break
11:00-12:30 hrs General Assembly Session VI
12:30-14:00 hrs Lunch
14:00-15:00 hrs

General Assembly Session VII:
Including :

  • Installation of new executives
  • Speech of New International President
  • Closing ceremony
15:00-16:30 hrs Post-Congress International Board Meeting
19:00-22:00 hrs Farewell Party at Mena House’s Hotel
Saturday 28 October 2017
All day New Executive Meeting & Hand Over Meeting